Data Storage | Backup | Disaster Recovery

How quickly can you restore a lost file, folder, or server?

Is your data backed up offsite?

What happens to your business if the unthinkable happens?

Pathcom and our proven IT technology partners make local and offsite backups easy. We not only protect your files and applications, we can replicate your entire voice and data production environments.

On a custom or turnkey basis, your business can leverage exactly what it needs when it comes to protecting your data:

  • Let us manage everything – backup, testing, restores.
  • Call when shorthanded or if an ‘out-of-experience’ problem occurs.
  • Create a mirror of your IT environment in the cloud.

Select just the right amount of hands-on support you need with on-site and off-site storage and advanced features. Customize your restore at the server, folder or file level. Or let us worry about the details with turnkey support.

Pathcom’s flexible approach to data protection puts you on the path to peace of mind!