Cloud Solutions | Virtualization

Using a “Cloud” infrastructure is an efficient, flexible approach to IT that can save your business money and improve day-to-day IT operations.

Pathcom and our proven IT technology partners provide Cloud & Virtualization Solutions that let you streamline your IT by…

  • Eliminating capital investments in new servers and infrastructure
  • Cutting space, power, and cooling costs associated with on-premises servers
  • Simplifying IT management and streamlining routine IT tasks enterprise-wide
  • Consolidating your IT for better control, performance, reliability, and availability
  • Improving IT team productivity

Pathcom and our partners can evaluate, setup, and manage your transition from client-server to a virtualized environment.

Virtualization allows you to efficiently run multiple operating systems and applications – including Voice – on a single machine within the Cloud, while further simplifying IT management.

Pathcom puts you on the path to streamlined IT so you can refocus on the big picture to help grow your business!